Coron, Nature’s Paradise

This entry is long overdue! I was supposed to post this months ago. So, my friends and I went to Coron, Philippines in mid of August.

If you are nature-lover slash beach lover slash island-hoppers slash divers or those sun-worshiping adventurer. Any of those description that fits you, you have to go here! I promise you won’t regret it.

Upon arriving from the airport, it took us about around 45 minutes to get to the city. We headed for Coron Village Lodge to leave our things before going around town. The lodge is pretty decent for a budget-friendly accommodation. My priority for lodging is that it is clean. The package we got includes 4D4N lodging with two breakfast plus 3-day tour for P6230/person or about 142USD. Aside from the occasional power and water shortage, everything else was good.

Day 1
We stroll around Coron Municipality before heading off to the sea port. We set out to climb Mt. Tapyas. A total of 700+ steps, which was really worth climbing when you reach the top and see the view.

At last!We made it. WOOHOO! Among our friends, the 4 of us were the first to reached the top.

Don’t forget to bring some water—you are going to need it. Or you can just from the vendors around the area. A bottle of water costs around P25. One of them took our photos at the peak of the mountain. He even asked us to pose like this. Too cheesy…

Mt. Darala

FYI, tapyas is a Cuyunon term which means “sliced from the whole.” According to the locals there, the Japanese used this mountain as a hiding place during the World War II. And when the Americans discovered it, they bombed it so a part was chipped off ergo the name Mt. Tapyas.

We dropped by Maquinit Hot Springs before having dinner. Unfortunately, I have no photos because I didn’t bring my camera with me, too scared to get it wet. You can go to this link for some info about it.

We had dinner at Bistro Coron. I suggest eating here when you’re in Coron. Their food is really nice. I ordered Mexican Chicken for P205.

Day 2Dicantuman Beach

First stop, Dicantuman Beach. The island was somehow have an “exclusive” feel to it. There were no other tourists but us—it’s like having our own private island. LOL We took a swim first while waiting for our lunch which Kuya Butchoy, our guide, cooked.

What is an island-hopping without the famous coconut. The spoon Drew’s holding was made out of the coconut husk.


Exploring the island

And after having lunch, we’re off to the famous Kayangan Lake. It is one of the seven lakes in Coron and it is saide to be one of the cleanest lake in the Philippines. I don’t dare argue with that as the water is so clear that it’s like there’s no water at all. This place have that enchanted vibe to it. Like you can feel the place is somewhat magical. You’ll know what I’m saying when you go there. Definitely one of the best places I’ve been to.

Dinner at Manneken Pis Restaurant. My order was their homemade burger steak for P210. Nothing beats homemade patties.:)

We saw a newly opened coffee shop—Dad’s Coronzy Coffee and Tea. We took the liberty to try it out.

Dad's Coronzy

Day 3
We were not able to follow our itinerary because of the bad weather which included the Pass Island, Siete Pecados and Lusong Shipwreck. We had to spend the whole morning in another island called Banua-Atwayan.

Luckily, the rain stopped in the afternoon. So we’re able to got to Barracuda Lake. You first have to hike up and down before reaching the lake. The hike was nothing compared to Mt. Tapyas though. The water was as clear as the Kayangan Lake and the place was serene. After that we’re off to Marine Coral Garden. It was AMAZING! Like wow! Sadly, I don’t have an underwater camera so I can’t show you how beautiful the corals underwater was. Remember to visit this place when you go to Coron.

Coral Garden
Last dinner in Coron is at Santino’s Grill. I forgot my things at the lodge. (What’s happening to me, I keep forgetting my camera!) Anyway, this restaurant is famous for their baby back ribs, and I now I know why. It is one of the BEST ribs I’ve tried! Falls of the bones kind of ribs. Yum!!

Day 4
Last day of our trip. We went to Sea Dive Restaurant for brunch. I got the Sea Dive Tapa plus French Toast. Before heading to the airport, we bought some souvenirs first. And of course some cashew nuts.

Sea Dive Tapa

Hope to see you again Coron!!!


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