Singapore: Week 1

My first week in Singapore.

Trying out the famous Chili crab at Crab Party.

Our food:

For Snoopy lovers, you can check out the Charlie Brown Cafe at 313 Somerset.

One of the must-try restaurants here in Singapore is Marché.

Our food:

I also got to try out BBQ party at one of the condominiums here.
Kriscel Go 2013 Singapore-23

Lunch at Holland Village with a friend. First time to try Nasi Lemak, and it was YUM! Thumbs up for 363 Katong Laksa.

I got to visit the famous Botanic Gardens.

Hello there cute animals!

If you want to feed these lovely creatures, they have a capsule machine that dispenses fish food for S$1. I’m not sure how many I purchased, but I’m sure it’s a lot. Lol


Cactus and bonsai area. Weeee

There’s also a possibility that you’ll come across a Monitor Lizard. We’re lucky enough to spot one and it was BIG!Kriscel Go 2013 Singapore-36

Botanic Gardens is big, spent the whole afternoon exploring the place. Quite tiring given the weather is humid. It’s Singapore after all. But this place is lovely. Worth the visit and sweat. Lol


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