About Me

The person behind this blog is Kriscel Diane Go or Krissy. She is a designer slash photographer from Manila and she graduated in The University of Santo Tomas. She is also a proud graduate of NYIP (New York Institute of Photography).

It has been her dream to travel the world. It’s what keeps her sane in this Topsy-turvy world. Krissy is also fascinated with food (especially eating). She had worked for packaging and magazine companies where she was able to rub elbows with celebrities and significant people in the Philippines. And also had done a couple of photography gigs during her free time.

Krissy aspires to have her own cafe someday if given the chance.:) But as for now, she is currently working in Singapore as an Art Director. Outside of that, you’ll see her holding a camera or paint brush or food or all together at the same time. Her enthusiasm for things keeps her moving from one stone to another and another and she wishes to share the beauty of the world through her eyes.

Join her, an artist/photographer/aspiring art director/foodie/travel junkie, as she explore the goodness of this world.

Life is an adventure. Take Risks.

All content found on this blog, photos or otherwise, are ©Kriscel Diane Go unless otherwise specified. Please do not use without permission.

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