TinyTAN (SUGA) MIC Drop Merch

I’ve recently visited the BTS Pop-up Store here in Singapore and bought some TinyTAN MIC Drop merch. If you want to check out my post about the pop-up store please head to this link.

Here’s how the keyring looks like. It comes with a yellow strap with an embossed TinyTAN logo and SUGA on the other side. The figurine is roughly around 5mm(H) x 3mm(W) and the strap (including the clasp) is around 110mm(H) x 12mm(W).

And the other merch I purchased is the figurine. If you’re able to buy the whole gang, the standee will spell out MIC Drop—SUGA comes with the “C” stand. The size is around 95mm(H) x 65mm(D) x 60mm(W).

Here’s a side by side comparison: (LEFT) screenshot from their MV; (RIGHT) labelled details of the figurine. I love how they paid attention to even the tiniest details and put it in the figurine and keychain.

Overall, the material and built is good in terms of quality and how they were able to incorporate the details sharply. I’ll probably get Jimin’s figurine once it becomes available again.


BTS Pop-Up Store: Map of the Soul (Singapore Showcase)

Good news for my fellow ARMYs out there. BTS is having a pop-up store—make some noise! 💜

There are only three physical showcases worldwide—Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore. Unfortunately, ARMYs living outside of these countries can’t go. So I’ve decided to create a short post to let you all have a look inside the store.

Visitors will have to book visiting time slots online. And in view of the current COVID-19 situation, they are limiting the number of visitors. For those who were able to book reservations online, a goodie bag awaits for you before entering the store. It contains a MOTS postcard and an event wrist band. (They are currently accepting walk-ins but you won’t be getting any goodie bag.)

Here’s a look inside the pop-up store.

There are some BTS song-inspired spots where you can take photos. Don’t worry if you’re coming alone, the staff will help you take your photo.



Black Swan and ON

Bought some TINY TAN Mic Drop merch. Head to here for the unboxing post.

It’s located at Plaza Singapura, level one (beside MUJI) and it will be until 14 February 2021.

You may register on this link or just drop by the store if you’re around the area.

Stay safe everyone!

A Guide to Buying Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds that are obtained from various parts of the plant like the stem, bark, leaves or flowers. They have been used by different cultures for thousands of years and are known for their incredible benefits. Enriched with natural nutrients, essential oils are a key ingredient in skin and hair care products. Moreover, the volatile property and refreshing fragrance make essential oils a preferred choice for aromatherapy.

With the diverse benefits offered, essential oils make the perfect addition to your beauty regimen. However, are you baffled by the wide options available?

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned buyer, selecting the right essential oil requires careful consideration. The following guide can help you make informed decisions and select an oil that works best for you.


Factors to consider when choosing an essential oil:

The world of essential oils is vast. Each essential oil possesses a distinctive characteristic and provides certain benefits. Before making a purchase, it is important to have clarity about your requirement. Moreover, you also need to consider the purity and grade of the essential oil. The rising popularity of essential oils has led to the emergence of various inferior quality oils. Some of these contain little or none of the natural ingredients. This immensely reduces the efficacy of the oil and makes it much inferior in quality than pure essential oils. This implies that having an understanding of the purity and genuineness of essential oils is necessary.

However, determining the purity of an essential oil is a challenging task. After all, the appearance and aroma alone cannot be taken as factors to gauge purity. In fact, various version of the same oil may also be available. In this regard, you need to know that fragrance oils, aromatherapy oils and perfume oils are not the pure forms of essential oils. The constituents may also include vegetable oils.

You can use a simple test to figure out the purity of an essential oil. Add a drop of essential oil to a piece of paper and allow it to dry. If you notice that the oil leaves behind a stain, there is a possibility that the oil contains vegetable oils.

Methods used to extract essential oils:

Various extraction methods are employed to derive essential oils. An understanding of the methods used will help you make the right choice while selecting an essential oil.

  • Cold pressed method:
    This is a manual technique and can be conveniently employed for plant materials that readily release the aromatic compounds. A sponge is utilised to press the fruit and the oil is later collected from the sponge. This method of extraction is widely used for citrus oils that can be obtained from the rinds of fruits. The oils that are obtained by this method of extraction are believed to be the most superior. This method does not involve the use of heat and as such the oils obtained retain their natural fragrance and properties.
  • Steam distilled method:
    In this technique of extraction, steam is used in a closed chamber to obtain the volatile compounds from the raw extracts. Even though this method makes use of heat, the oils obtained possess the original properties. This is because the extracts are not subjected to their boiling points.
  • Solvent-extracted method:
    This method makes use of a chemical process in which a solvent is used to bind with the aromatic compounds. Later the solvent is separated. Apart from alcohol, compounds like hexane, acetone and propane are extensively used. The fact that the solvents may leave behind harmful residues makes this method comparatively an inferior one. The oils obtained from such a method are not used for therapeutic purposes.


Buying the right essential oil:

Eager to reap the rich benefits of essential oils?
Packed with natural goodness, essential oils can do wonders for your skin and hair. However, this means that you need to buy a superior quality essential oil that is pure and unadulterated. Considering the following factors can help you make the right choice.

  • Purity:
    When making a purchase, make sure to steer clear of the synthetic version of essential oils. The purity of the oil is extremely important and a factor that cannot be overlooked. There are pure essential oil blends available for specific purposes. If you think that the blend serves your requirement, you can go ahead with it. However, you may find it difficult to figure out the exact proportions in the blend. As such, it is best to pick an essential oil and find out if it works for your skin. This method will help you get an understanding of oils that are most beneficial to you.
  • Organic:
    The presence of even a small amount of chemical compound can hamper the effectiveness of an essential oil. Therefore, it is wise to choose oils obtained from plants grown organically.
  • Versions of essential oils:
    There are different versions of essential oils available and you need to know what each of these stand for. To be sure that you are buying the right oil, make sure to check the botanical name on the label. In this manner, you can stay away from being confused by oils that have the same name but derived from different plants. An example is the German and Roman chamomile oil, both of which are different oils.
  • Trusted company:
    Choosing a reliable brand that is known for offering products that are genuine can help you procure pure essential oils easily. Avoid deals that offer essential oils at flat rates. In other words, do not compromise on quality.

Looking for pure and organic essential oils?
N-Essentials is home to a huge selection of pure, natural and organic cosmetics and essential oils. In case you are looking for more information about pure ingredients and essential oils, feel free to contact them. Alternatively, you can also send an email at info@n-essentials.com.au.

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Live. Create. Inspire.

Hey everyone! How’s the first two months of your 2018 been doing? Would you believe it’s already March?! The first quarter of the year would be over soon. Time flies and fast!

Calligraphy KD4

So it’s nice to give yourself some “me-time” and reflect on the things that have happened. For me, one of my resolution for this year was to develop or acquire a new hobby slash skill. And I decided that to be calligraphy—iPad calligraphy to be exact. So I started an Instagram account (@krisceldiane) so I will be driven in a way to create artworks regularly. But that’s not the only reason why I created this account.

My intention is to combine my love for photography together with calligraphy. Using quotes or words that are positive. I hope that through this little way I can inspire others—whether it’s to travel, try a certain food or just make someone laugh or some encouragement.

Here are some sample images I have posted on my account so far.

If you are inspired in some way, please feel free to follow me or show some love.

Experience Bagan!

Bagan is an ancient city located in southwest of Mandalay, Burma. It can be considered as one of the world’s greatest archeological sites—more than 2,000 temples can be found here.

The weather in Bagan is generally hot but during the months of November to February the temperature can drop towards the night. When travelling during this time, it will be best to bring a jacket to keep you warm during the night.


Our guide brought us in one temple and asked us to climb up. There’s a crowd already gathered on top by the time we got there. We waited until we witnessed how the horizon changed as the sun was rising. It’s really really REALLY lovely!!

My friends and I spent 2D2N exploring Bagan. Here are a few things you can do during your trip in Bagan:

Catch either the sunrise or sunset or if you can do both it’s better. I’m confident that it will leave you in awe. Plus, it’s Instagram-worthy. *wink wink*

We literally didn’t want to go down even after the sun had already risen. We can’t get enough of the view. On a side note, I think climbing temples and pagodas is already banned by the government as climbing can be damaging to these very old monuments.


There’s another way to see the sunrise—it will cost you around S$400. You can opt for riding a hot air balloon. The view and experience—worth every money! For our hot air balloon ride we chose Balloons Over Bagan. And our pilot was Mike Petteford. Thanks Mike for making our ride an unforgettable one.

The Classic Balloon Flight package includes transport to and from our hotel to the launch and landing site, a celebratory glass of champagne, some light breakfast, postcard and a certificate.

The view on top is amazing!!!

Enjoy some champagne and snacks upon landing. #ThisIsTheLife

We saw this little girl selling her drawings. And being an artist, I just felt the urge to encourage and support her talent. And honestly, they are quite nice. Her name is Imani, which means faith. I hope she grows up into one excellent artist and person. And maybe get to meet her again.


Burmese are one of the nicest people I’ve come across with. So go and take time to visit one of their village and interact with them. My friends and I spent half day touring around Minnanthu Village where we got to experience the following:

  • Experiencing their livelihood
    Weaving, making and selling Cheroot (Burmese cigar), and sand painting are a few of the things they do for living.
  • Applying Thanaka Sunscreen
    You’ll notice that almost everyone have a yellowish-white marks on their faces. It’s a natural sunscreen they use which is called Thanaka. The powder comes from grinding Thanaka wood on a Kyauk pin stone. Then water is added to produce a paste. Aside from protecting you from the sun, it also has a cooling effect and tighten pores. It smells fresh and clean as well.
  • Talking with the locals
    Got to meet some locals while we’re touring around the village and some herd of goats and a dog as well!


Bagan’s archaeological zone is such a big place and exploring it by foot is impossible. So there are three modes of transportation you can choose from—E-bike / Bicycle, Horse Cart and Private Van.

  • E-bike / Bicycle
    Renting a bike is the cheapest way to go but it will be hardest since most roads are rocky and uphill. The best choice is the E-bike, if only you know how to ride something like a motorcycle. We wanted to try this one and go around to see the pagodas but our schedule was tight so we didn’t managed to.
  • Private Van
    Comfortable but you don’t get to have that genuine rural experience and it’s the most expensive among the three.
  • Horse Cart
    This one is a popular choice among tourists. The only downside is that sometimes it can get uncomfortable especially when passing on bumpy roads. Among the three, we end up choosing this.

Please leave a comment down below if you have tried other things other than the ones I’ve mentioned. And I hope you have an amazing trip to Bagan.

The NMD Craze

I finally got my own pair of NMDs. I’ve been on a hunt since it got released last 2015. I wanted the first-ever NMD Primeknit but it’s just so hard to find one that is not overpriced. Luckily, I saw this pair in End. ClothingAdidas Originals NMD Wmns XR1 “Ice Purple/Midnight Grey”.


I liked that End have their own box and I like how classy the packaging looks like. And they still included the original Adidas box. In which I find useful just in case I had to sell these (you know, maybe not the right size).


My first impression was that the actual colour is darker than what it looked like on their website. Not a problem though, I still love how the purples and greys blend together. And look at those knitted patterns, gorgeous!

What I also like about this is how subtle browns of the back strap and soles can bring the whole design together.


And now, let’s try out these babies.

They may be not the comfiest pair of kicks but the design is dope. So having a pair or two would be a nice addition to sneakerheads out there.

For those interested, I got my snapback from Kore Limited. I came across this brand through JunCurryAhn, a YouTuber that I follow. Anyway, Kore have a lot of interesting designs and the quality of their merchandises are good. Mainly the designs are something related to Korea, you can check them out if you want.


Face the Sun

I have been trying out different skincare products and make up, so I thought why not share my experiences using these with you guys. So yeah, hopefully this will the first of the many beauty product reviews I’ll be writing about.


So first up is Badger’s Damascus Rose Zinc Oxide Face Sunscreen, SPF25 (S$24 for 47ml). I got mine on iHerb. If you guys are interested, you can use my code: NLW754. So we can enjoy rewards together (You will save 5% off on your next order, and in return I will receive a minimum of 5% Rewards credit). 🙂

Okay, sunscreen is an important step to our daily skincare routine. Especially for those who spend most of their time outdoors. It helps to prevent the skin form premature aging (so put on some sunscreen).

Here’s the order on how I apply my morning skincare routine before doing my make up:
Cleansing > Toner > Essence > Serum > Moisturiser > Sunscreen

Personally, I’m a bit fussy about the ingredients because you wouldn’t want to slather your face with harmful chemicals right? So here’s the list of the ingredients:

*Aloe barbadensis (aloe) juice, *helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil, coco-glucoside, cetearyl alcohol (and) coco-glucoside, sambucus nigra (elderberry) fruit extract, microcrystalline cellulose (and) cellulose gum, glucose oxidase, *punica granatum (pomegranate) seed oil, *glycerin, citric acid, sorbitan caprylate, glyceryl caprylate, *lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower oil, xanthan gum, *hippophae rhamnoides (seabuckthorn) fruit extract, *rosa canina (rosehip) fruit extract, undecylenic acid, *rosa damascena (rose) flower oil, lecithin, sodium gluconate, *anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower oil, *calendula officinalis (calendula) flower extract.

The Damascus Rose, Chamomile, and Lavender soothe, refresh and revitalise delicate skin. While the Seabuckthorn, Rosehip and Pomegranate deliver potent antioxidants and vital nutrients to our faces. I have a combination skin type, so the formula they used in this works for me. It’s not greasy and kind of light on the face. So thumbs-up for that! What I do is I wait a few minutes before applying my cushion. Another plus for this sunscreen is that it’s made with all-natural ingredients. So nice!

The SPF 25 is perfect for daily use at well. Don’t get scared about having a white face because this baby doesn’t leave a white mark after applying it but makes the skin brighter. It also even out my yellowish skin tone. This can be used as a primer as well.


Last thoughts:

It has watery consistency so sometimes I squeeze out more product than I intend to use. I think it would be nicer if they use the pump type packaging rather than the tube type. But overall, I’m sticking with this one and would definitely re-purchase again.

Tanuki Raw

Craving for some sashimi? Try out Tanuki Raw, which is conveniently located at Orchard area. They also have another location in National Design Centre.

A must-try dish for sashimi lovers is their Tanuki Kaisen Chirashi Donburi ($22.90). Where they serve you all the good stuff you can think about. From tuna, scallop, salmon sahimi to uni and ebiko that goes with Tanuki Raw’s signature mixed rice.

Overall, the taste of the sashimi are fresh and it goes well with the mixed rice. Something I’ll definitely go back to again.

Another dish we tried from their menu is the Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku ($19.90). It consists of US black angus short rib, pan-seared foie gras and onsen egg with truffle soy sauce and black garlic brown butter over their signature rice.

We also tried one of their rolls—Superstar Roll ($12.90). Seared salmon and crispy mozzarella cheese combo is love.

Tanuki 4

Here’s a photo of their menu:

Tanuki 7

My friend and I had a nice and fulfilling dining experience. Price range is not on the cheap side but I think it it’s affordable enough for the quality and taste they serve. Lastly, the place tends to get crowded but it’s worth the wait. 🙂

Store Locations:

Tanuki Raw at Kapok
111 Middle Road
01-05 National Design Centre
Singapore 188969

Tanuki Raw at Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
#04-01 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896