(DIY) 2 in 1 Desk Organiser

2in1 desk holderTired of seeing your pens, pins, clips, and stuff scattered all over your desk? Or you just want to add some personal touch to your workstation? Why not turn some old cans into a dual-purpose desk holder? It doesn’t only serve as a holder but you can also use it to post some notes and to-do lists by using magnets. Here’s how you can do it:


  • Craft paper / gift wrapper
  • Beads
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • 4 pcs. tin cans of the same size



  1. Clean cans thoroughly and let them dry.
  2. Measure the height and the diameter of the can then add half an inch in the diameter for gluing. Cut the craft paper according to the measurement. You can also use different designs per can.
  3. Put double-sided tape, same as the height of the can, on one side. Then, stick the edge of the wrapper to the tape then wrap it around. Put some glue on the flap to secure it. Repeat step for the other cans.
  4. You can also decorate the mouth of your cans with beads; put some glue around the opening then put beads one by one. Use your creativity to play around with your cans.
  5. Using a glue gun, join the cans together by positioning them side by side, laying down—two on top and two at the bottom. make sure the glue will not be visible once done.
  6. Now, put it on your desk for that organized look!

2in1 desk holder
Words and Photography by Kriscel Diane Go

***As seen on Celebrity Living October-November 2011 issue***



Cactus Terrarium

My first time trying out making a terrarium. I made this as a gift for my friend’s birthday since he likes cactus. I’m really happy with the output (feeling proud). I’m such a newbie in this kind of stuff so I wasn’t able to get the step-by-step photos because my hands were covered with soil.

Anyway, Ta-da! Here it is:


  • Cactus (I just cut some cactus in our garden. You can purchase different kinds / colours depending on what look you want to achieve)
  • Clear glass container (there are many to choose from. They vary in shapes and sizes)
  • Pebbles
  • Soil (I used organic soil)
  • Sand
  • Decorative stuff


  1. Clean the container and dry it completely. This will prevent fungi from growing inside your terrarium. It is also ideal to use something that has a wide opening—this makes moving and placing things inside more easily.
  2. Now, it is time to layer in the pebbles, soil and sand. It would be helpful if you already visualised what you want beforehand.
  3. Fill the bottom of the bowl with approximately 2 inches of pebbles/gravel then layer in about 4 inches of soil. I placed in the pebbles at the center then covered it with some sand before pouring in the soil.
  4. After that, you can now dig holes and place in your cactus.
  5. Play around with the decorations—I used wooden letter blocks that I bought from Papemelroti (P6 each). To make these wooden letters, I cut one end of the toothpick and glued it at the bottom of the blocks.


  • Use pair of tongs to move / place the cactus and other stuff inside.
  • Place the terrarium with indirect natural light.
  • Don’t need to water it daily, test the soil for dryness by touching it with your fingers. If your finger remains clean then it is time to water it.
  • Some recommends using horticultural charcoal to keep the terrarium from developing odours. But since mine is an open terrarium, it’s not necessary. If you still want to put charcoal, place 1/4 inch of it after the layer of pebbles/gravel.

Do-it-Yourself | Accessories Hanger

fashion hanger

Today’s fashion commands us to wear kilos and kilos of accessories—daily hanging over our necks, arms, and ears. With your frequent visits to the mall and bazaars for great accessory finds, your dresser can barely hold your accessories. We reinvent this classic fashion staple to hold your precious jewelry. Here is a nod to one of your closet buddies—the hanger. We transform it into an accessory holder.


  • Wire
  • colorful beads
  • extra long round head fasteners


  1. Bend a hard wire into the shape of a hanger. Use an old-fashioned wire hanger as a guide.
  2. Before coiling to finish, insert colorful beads into the wire, creating your own design.
  3. Attach five extra long round head fasteners onto the “base” of the hanger, which will serve as the hooks for hanging your necklaces, bracelets, and scarves. Place the hooks alternately with the beads. Make sure to space equally.
  4. Bend the fastener into a hook.
  5. When you’re done inserting beads (and satisfied with your design), twist the end at the top to complete the hanger.
  6. For more options, you can use an old hanger. Attach the round head fastener first at the longer side of the hanger. Then cover the hanger and the fastener with colored ribbons.
  7. Twist two sets of wire into a long spiral and attach at both of the shorter sides of the hanger. Make sure these are parallel to the base of the hanger.
  8. Hang inside your closet’s door with your must-have accessories.

Words by Apple Dacayan Ocampo
Photography by Kriscel Diane Go

**As seen on Celebrity Living April-May 2011 issues, page 25

Do-it-Yourself | Avante Garde Pendant Light

Updating our home can be as easy as changing lighting fixtures. Lights add a touch of drama without overdoing the whole setup, and the way they illuminate our interior creates another level of beauty. But undoubtedly, these pendants, lamps, or chandeliers can be heavy on our tight budget.

To transform those overhead lighting, we played with the classic light bulb and recycled barbeque sticks. Here’s what we came up with:

DIY-Avante Garde Pendant Light


  •  Light bulb
  •  Chain Socket
  •  White paint
  •  Wood dowels
  •  Cutter or scissors
  •  Glue gun
  •  Glue stick


  1. Paint a 16-inch wooden stick (about the circumference of a balloon stick) white. You can opt for a spray paint or brush painting. Make sure the stick is painted completely. You can burnish the sticks with a coarse sand paper for a polished look. Or you can leave them as they are for a natural feel.
  2. Attach one stick horizontally on the top of the chain socket. Then attach two sticks on either end. This will be the first frame of your chandelier from which you can “attach” your design. Make sure to glue the sticks together neatly with a hot glue gun. Get rid of those unsightly glue strings.
  3. Now, you can attach the remaining sticks to decorate. Cut the sticks if needed.
  4. Hang above your dining table or living room for full effect.

Words Apple Dacayan Ocampo

Photography Kriscel Diane Go

Celebrity Living June-July 2011

**As seen on Celebrity Living June-July 2011, page 30.:)**

Source: designspongeonline.com