27 years and counting…

A few only knows that I am frightened by the thought of growing old. So I dread the days that lead to my birthday. Every October I am having “anxiety attacks” and panic starts to creep in. There were times when I cried just the thought of my birthday. And sometimes when I encounter old folks I do feel scared—BUT this doesn’t mean I don’t respect or care for them or help them for that matter. The thought of being weak and wrinkly petrifies me.

So yeah, at the midnight of my birthday my sister and my brother-in-law went to my room and woke me up to surprise me. They were so happy and started singing the Birthday song.

And my reaction was…27th bday

Yup, that moment you realised you are getting older again. I totally ruined the moment, didn’t I? LOL

What’s a better way to make you feel younger is a Hello Kitty cake.27th bday4 27th bday3

Being aware of this weird condition of mine, I am working on it—psyching myself that it is really not a big deal and just accept the inevitable. And yes, I had some glitches this year but it wasn’t as bad as the past years (or so I thought). Ha Ha

Anyway, later that evening we had a dinner at Carousel Buffet. Together with the other dining celebrants, they gave us mini birthday cake and sang the Birthday song.27th bday 2

27th bday6 27th bday5

These past 26 years of living, I can say that life was not always great but I couldn’t be any happier with what I have, where I am now and who I am with. My family and friends are not perfect and so am I, work had its ups and downs, encountered bumpy roads once in a while. But hey, it’s what makes life worth living and exciting.

Aiming that this 27th year will have more adventure, more love and happiness to share, learn to be content but know how to dream big. And remember to live life to the fullest and make it count.

Cheers to my fellow Librans!


A Secret Garden

Spending most of your time around a bustling metropolis can be quite stressful. If you are longing for a peaceful break, I suggest taking some time off and get your rest at Sonya’s Garden.

Sonya’s Garden offers bed & breakfast so we planned to spend a night there. We really enjoyed everything—scenery, people and food!

Our room was Ah-Mazing! It was relaxing and just spend some me-time immersed in the sound of mother nature. The name of our cottage is Fennel.

Even the bathroom is nice.

I got a new camera, replaced my Fuji X10 with X100T. And so far, I am loooving it! All the photos in this post was taken using my new cam.Sonya's Garden7

Our stay includes a tour around their garden. Sonya’s promotes wellness so they grow organic food. And even their chickens only eats plants that grows in their garden. Ate Lonya was the one who showed us around the area.

Here are some of their homegrown produce.

This flower taste nice—sweet and tangy. They include it in their salad. I just forgot the name! If anyone knows what is this called, please let me know. Please please..Sonya's Garden11

We ended our day with a very relaxing massage. The three of us tried the Signature Sonya’s Massage (P879.00) that lasts for an hour. So relaxing. zZzZzZ….Sonya's Garden26

The next morning, we went out to do some gardening with Mang Bernie. He showed us how he plants the lettuce and some herbs. According to him, mint is the easiest herb to grow for beginners.

Upon checking out, they gave us a gift—each of us got a mint and tarragon plant. Hopefully we can grow these plants and have a lifetime supply.

For more information on Sonya’s Garden Bed & Breakfast, drop by their site.

Stangers, again…

This video introduced me to Wong Fu and been their avid fan since. This has been my top most favourite WF vid of all time. It just have all the feels to this.

I re-watched this and I suddenly can relate to everything, maybe not the “shouting at each other” part because he never shouted at me. Ha ha But yeah, two people starts as strangers and when the two of you hit it off, everything just blurs. But unfortunately in most times, it never stays that way… it either boils down to 1) both of you will continue to make it work or 2) tolerate until it’s not mendable anymore.

Sometimes, the time you realise that everything had already fallen apart, it’s already too late to patch things up. And I have to admit that it hurts (really bad). Depressing as it may seem to break up with the person whom you have shared every bit of you. That’s how it is, that’s how life is. It may seem that both of you had lost a part of yourselves but the truth is hearts don’t break even, somewhere, somehow the other one tried harder, other one is hurting more…

To end this post, let me quote a part of their conversation where Marissa asked what’ll happen if they don’t end up together.

What do you think will happen if we don’t end up being together? Will we hate each other? Will we keep in touch?

I think that if life separates us, and we’ll be in totally different places, always remember when our paths aligned from this period on and I’ll be thankful for that. And hope that wherever you are, you’ll be thankful, too. I think that’s the best we can wish for.”

I am hopeful that wherever and whatever you’re doing, you’re happy and thank you.

Check out other videos of Wong Fu. They have so many other amazing shorts and videos.

Love’s complications

Love Korea.jpg

“Love has it’s complications,” a friend told me yesterday, “especially if you are in a relationship.”

I agree with her. It will not be easy from the beginning until the end. It takes both persons to make it work. Cliché as it may seems, actions DO speak louder than words, right? Sometimes words are just plain words without the gestures to back it up.

She asked me: “Why does he live on his own little world? And just do his own thing like I am not in his life? He’s more involved and interested with his friends. We should be partners in this right?”

All I can do was listen to her, and silently agree with her. It’s not wrong to have your own thing but it’s important to be each others’ partner/companion. Involvement and honesty plays an important part and remember not to take each other for granted. Never make them feel that they are not important and they don’t have any part in your life, because if you do, you’ll be pushing them farther from you bit by bit until you realise that it’s too late.

I would like to end this entry with this:

Love should be a verb and not a noun. It should be felt AND heard.

Stay in love guys!<3