TinyTAN (SUGA) MIC Drop Merch

I’ve recently visited the BTS Pop-up Store here in Singapore and bought some TinyTAN MIC Drop merch. If you want to check out my post about the pop-up store please head to this link.

Here’s how the keyring looks like. It comes with a yellow strap with an embossed TinyTAN logo and SUGA on the other side. The figurine is roughly around 5mm(H) x 3mm(W) and the strap (including the clasp) is around 110mm(H) x 12mm(W).

And the other merch I purchased is the figurine. If you’re able to buy the whole gang, the standee will spell out MIC Drop—SUGA comes with the “C” stand. The size is around 95mm(H) x 65mm(D) x 60mm(W).

Here’s a side by side comparison: (LEFT) screenshot from their MV; (RIGHT) labelled details of the figurine. I love how they paid attention to even the tiniest details and put it in the figurine and keychain.

Overall, the material and built is good in terms of quality and how they were able to incorporate the details sharply. I’ll probably get Jimin’s figurine once it becomes available again.